Friday, May 15, 2015

mommy win moment!

since he was born, blake has a strong and independent streak. even when he was nursing, he would nuzzle close for however long he needed to fill his belly, then shove his hand to the boob to say he is done and roll back to sleep. when sleepy, you pop him into the crib (in recent months, he climbs in) and sleeps on his own. and will cuddle you for as long as you've asked for, then squirms and runs off. has always been the case. 

and when school came around, he was happy as larry. we had more tearfree drop off than emotional one. and when he was sad, his teachers always assured us that it lasted as long as it took us to walk out of the door. and sleepovers, staycations, long vacations away from us... been there done that since he was little. so i always wondered if this child of ours would pick his bag for college and we'd never hear from him ever again!

just yesterday, i was picking him up from school and he was on his teacher's lap teary eyed. and when we got into the car, i asked him, "why were you crying, booboo?" and his response was "... i was crying because i love you so much."

wahahhaa he loves me still i guess!! 

have a lovely weekend, yall!! hope you love someone so much it makes you want to have a random sob anytime of the day! i know i do! :) 



  1. Can we swap?!? Clover is my personal stick of glue 😭😭😭

    1. you can't ask me about girls. i will take one ANYDAY!!!


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