Tuesday, May 5, 2015

maldives :: what we did everyday...

lol this blogging business is really all over the place these days! if you're after a more chronological diary of my life, im mostly at instagram these days! but i still come to this happy place when there are bigger thought and better pictures i want to keep forever! 

like this blue!!

we swam in the day (forgot sunscreen.. such dumbos! am still peeling from our stupidity!!), kayak, paddleboarded, ate like royalty and rode bamboo bikes around the island. the resort had a special "gili" time that was one hour ahead of local time which meant everyone woke up earlier but went to bed earlier! we were skeptical at the start just because we are such night cats at home!! 

but by the end of the trip, we were on "gili" time! we had a great time in the sun during the day and when dinner came rolling by, we were ready to snuggle into our massive beds and call it a day! such a luxury!

we came back sporting deep tans and practically glowing from the sun!!

i felt incredibly spoilt and rested!! such a gorgeous trip with my honey! and to enjoy each other's company with such a stunning backdrop.. priceless!

can we go back again, very very soon!? 



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