Tuesday, April 28, 2015

just happy.

it seems a little surreal typing this as i have a napping todd sprawled next to me (with his legs kicked up in the sky like he owns the world). my current view out of the window is a fairly plain suburban office block and some construction vehicles. when barely a week ago... 

it was this. 

straight up. unapologetically blue.

we snuck away for a short getaway just him and i. we enjoy doing small things like that, even if its less frequent than we like but when it comes round, its such a nice treat. we actually can hear each other properly and laugh and reminisce the good old days when we could do that everyday. any day! 

and why did we do this whole child nonsense thing to ourselves... (JUST KIDDING!)

leading to our backyard pool! we'd always talked about maldives. waiting for an reason to go! then one day we decided, we should just do it!

it was absolutely the best decision ever. this entire trip reminded me of a nice-ish dinner we had a while back. everyone wanted to know if we were celebrating something. a birthday? an anniversary? newly engaged/pregnant/married!? and kept coming around to check on us. when finally D got tired of all the questions and said "it's not anything. we're just happy." 

that makes me laugh everytime i think of it!! 

yep. just happy!!



  1. awww.. what a great answer! But the cheapo me will say anniversary or something to score some freebies lol


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