Saturday, April 18, 2015

hello adventures!!!

.... and we're off! we're super excited this morning! cos we're headed across the world onto our next big adventure. we've known about this for a month or so and have been excitedly lining our ducks in place... and we're in the UK!!

fortunately, we have blake with us but unfortunately, we're unable to move musashi as its too short to put his heart through a long haul flight. but too long for my heart. but i guess in the bigger scheme of things, i need to put his heart ahead of mine. im missing him terribly already but he's in good hands. and we're coming back for you, muu (and singapore!)

it's going to be great fun and a good time for our family to recharge and have a ponder about how our life is currently. blake is going to have a great time once he realizes that he's going to the land of thomas and peppa. we're both still working (so awesome!) and blake will be attending school! it's going to be an interesting experience. 

very grateful for the recommendations sent our way and if you have other must see or do in UK/europe, drop me a note!! i'll probably take a few days to settle in with the boys so till then!!

lots of kisses!! 



  1. how exciting! How long will you be there?

  2. What?! So cool! I second the above question!


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