Friday, March 6, 2015

up the mountain we went ...

over chinese new year, we jetted off for a short getaway to the snow to get away from the incessant heat and spend some time with the family. it was my first time to niseko and the last time D went, he was a swinging single with his mates! so needless to say this was going to be so different from his last trip!! (sorry buddy! c'est la vie!) 

the view from on top! the weather was stunning and really lovely!! not the best powder for the first few days but it got much better later in the trip with that gorgeous falling snow!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with so many people in tow and having been away from the snowboard for such a long time!! (the last time i boarded, i had no clue i had blake and did a belly flop. probably not the best idea!) and it was bubba's first trip to see real snow!! so we really wanted it to be a good start and to not freak out at the cold. but as always, there was no reason to worry. he had the best time of his life.

i found myself really zoning out the few days we were there! took it easy, did a few runs in between while blake was napping. night skiing was stunning and such a serene experience i found myself sitting on the slopes chilling out a little bit too much! but maybe i already had the foresight that major win with the bubs = more ski trips so there was no need to rush it all! we got dining tips from friends who have been and so many cute places to explore!!

niseko is such a lovely place.. so so pleased that we got to go! can't wait to go back again!



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