Thursday, March 5, 2015

this guy...

... first one to bed and last one out. 

... such a picky eater sometimes we worry he's not getting enough!

... has been officially kicked out of our bed (progress after five years still count as progress, right?!)

... still the sweetest little thing ever!! and his inactivity is a fresh breath of air compared to our other kid.

... has our heart for like ever. 



  1. muumuu is a sweetheart!


  2. Aww Muu :)
    We still haven't managed to kick out one of our furkids from our bed and he tends to hog the blanket!
    Hope Muu is feeling better :)


    1. they're really the worst blanket hoggers! muu used to do this run in and out the blanket as and when he's warm or cold!! and he'd curl up SO CLOSE with zero personal space!! *sigh* but we forgive him every single time!


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