Thursday, March 26, 2015

oh! joo chiat

a while back we got tickets to OH! open house! after missing it a few years ago (the office edition), i was super excited when we got a few friends together to do the art walkabout tour. and this year brought us to...

always loved the area but knew so little about it. 

together with local artists, residents in the joochiat neighborhood opened their homes to the open house participants. i was most intrigued by the beautiful conservation homes that maintains the original facade but the interior is completely gutted and fitted with modern fittings. i like the textures and juxtaposition of architecture. and was left appreciating the area and the intricate mix that makes it what it is.

part of the walking tour brought us into a boat, through original condition shophouses even into a dingy fragrance hotel room! i wouldn't have done anything vaguely similar if i tried to! so it was all good fun! and the ended the evening with major hunger pangs and had superb hawker food (in the hood of course!) 



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