Thursday, March 12, 2015

i wish you love and kindness...

something has been weighing on my mind recently. i've had the unfortunate opportunity to experience  and work with a friend through a huge life-changing occurrence in life. im afraid i can't even start to elaborate more without opening old wounds but its nothing i wish upon my least favorite person. 


in the process of working through the issues, we spoke to a few people and their words (although not directly applicable to my life) spoke to me. and i want to hold them close to my heart because maybe there's a reason why i was given this timely reminder in life. 

i thought i'd write them down in my journal here. its a bit more introspective and philosophical that my usual la-di-dah. so just skip the wordiness if this is not for you. 

one - the only thing you can control in your life is your mind. not your body even if you tried. not your family. not even your child. its a beautiful and strong mind that keeps one beautiful. 

two - you cannot obsess over something that you can't control. you need to learn to accept and let go the things you can't change. 

three - you need to equip yourself with knowledge and a calm mind. with both of that, you will be empowered to make a best decisions. 

four - sometimes as time go by, we forget that spark in our lives. we get set and comfortable in our ways but as we let things go, the expectations of people nearest and dearest to us keep escalating. we end up snapping or getting unhappy with our spouses and kid. and much more unkind towards them than random strangers. 

five - you need to wish well upon everyone. sometimes when things don't go according to your plan, you still need a moment of clarity and cultivate a love for yourself, people around you, strangers and even people who make you mad. you wish them well and happiness. and in light of that, you let things that don't matter slip. no point getting all hung up about small things that don't matter. 


its hard but one needs to prioritize things that matter. and fight for what is important. and everything else.. should fade into the background as noise. love yourself first. so you know what you deserve. 



  1. This post speaks to me babe, it's very similar to what I posted in FB yesterday. But it's also one of the most difficult lessons in life, and I'm still struggling to learn it.

  2. fight for what is important. love yourself first. So true! Sometimes we learn things the hard way. It sucks but this is life!

  3. thank you for sharing this, zhing. such words of wisdom. thank you.

  4. Wise words, babe. I needed to hear this today. I wish you happiness and love too!


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