Tuesday, February 17, 2015

hello ballet (again)...

we've come to the end of term one of ballet! 

and i've stuck with it!! and having such a lovely time! unlike pole dancing which took a few bruises and a while to get into, ballet was like an old friend. we caught up where we left off! i look forward to that pocket of time each week where i could spend on myself, put aside all other errands and focus on being pretty! it does so much more for my self-esteem than anything else!! 

i'd love to work more on my flexibility and control but let's just say, this old body is not what it used to be!! and i've been having the time of my life bringing out the old dance gear! havent had to repeat anything so far! haha! there are a few senior ballet students in my class who are brilliant and so inspiring! i think im going to stick with it and hopefully be able to go on pointe one day!! 

at least that's one resolution i've stuck with past january!



  1. hello! could u share where to do adult ballet in singapore? thanks

    1. I've researched a few places but eventually settled for Cheng Ballet because of their timing! :)


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