Thursday, February 12, 2015

if you didn't know what do you in an onsen...

i will always remember my first onsen experience! i was so shy and afraid to make mistakes that i'd ask daniel to book a private onsen in our room! it was soooo good in the cold winter and after that, there was no turning back!! 

we had this magic bathtub at home that replicated the onsen but nothing really replaces the real experience! the onsen egg, the soaking into a prune with a whole bunch of naked oldies and avoiding eye contact the whole time.. all part of this charming experience.

 but like most things in japan, there is a right way of doing things and every other way is WRONG! :) and if you don't want to get caught with your pants down ... literally, here's the how to! with super cute graphics!!

onsens would always be a hot (pun intended) topic amongst our gaijin friends! the funny people we spot in the baths, the most awkward onsen moment, why its not more common to get a brazilian in tokyo! made for endless drinking convos till the late night!! get me a few drinks and remind me to tell you about my swimming pool onsen story. 

heh! we're headed to an onsen with the family next week! that top of my awkward things to do in life list! will report back on how that goes!! 



  1. Did you check out the onsen at mid village?

    1. we only did the last day!! which was also the awesome snowy day! we were so bummed out!


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