Tuesday, January 20, 2015

happy birthday song!!

we just had a lovely week surrounded by family!! 

all because this special guy is back in town and celebrating his big birthday!! its such a rare opportunity to have him around due to their work schedule. and even though we don't stay under the same roof anymore, anyone's return brings the whole family together. 

we can't get enough of each other. we hang out every single waking moment and each time we get a small pocket of time, we want to squeeze in (yet another) meal or coffee! this time around, song also had his lovely girlfriend, nora with him. and blake is endlessly obsessed with his auntie nora!

can't wait till we see them all again!

p.s. that's blake's latest poopoo face when we take pictures. then he sits at the computer and is so critical of his expressions when daniel edits the pictures. what a silly boo! 



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