Thursday, January 22, 2015

five things :: the playroom

its been a looong while since i've done a five things meme around the home!! mostly because its always in a shameful state of disarray but as i was tidying this morning around the house, i realized how quickly things change around here. his blocks and shape sorters have been replaced by train tracks, his teethers and rattlers abandoned and replaced by cars and things with wheels... 

so here are his favs in his playroom at the mo!

his miffy lamp! he loves it and will show it off to anyone that will look at it!! 

his train tracks is always center of any party! from young to old, everyone gravitates around this train set and he can play on it for a good chunk of time. but these personalized train tracks is just the icing on the cake! look how beautifully made it is!? thanks, auntie SA!! 

we HAD to place another order immediately for his good pals in train fever. and the awesome people at woodpeckersch are by far the nicest online retailers i've met! and look at how BEEEAUTIFUL!!

daruma-san series of books will always been his childhood favorite. the three-part series is filled with hilarious sounds and expressions that he uses in his day to day life (useless words and sounds! but scho cute!). and the wooden whistle papa picked from our travels in japan. favorite. 

these beanbags my mom made!! they're great for indoor basketball practice, toss and throw, shuttle run and balancing on head goofy dances! the back side is the alphabet so you can mix in a bit of education if you so desire! 

of course blake is still obsessed with little miss peppa. if the condition of his books is indicative of his enthusiasm!! 



  1. you lost me at the personalised train tracks. those are da bomb!!!!


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