Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY home treatments? anyone?

i've recently complained to a girlfriend about how tedious it is to keep up with beauty appointments. there's the waxing, the ipl, the threading, the scrubs, the massages, the soak offs, wash and blow..and we're only talking about removing things...

basically, if i were to line up my appointments and do them once a month, i would be very busy every week. and mind you, im not one of those girls that luxuriate and think the best afternoon spent is one giggling over trashy magazines with my hair stylist. i get antsy. my seat feels warm, i fiddle one too many times with my phone and frankly, i get bored lying there for an hour for a facial. and even then, once a month is far from ideal for some treatments. complete first world problem, i know! but why does it take so much effort to look half decent? 

so recently, i've been spending more effort to do my own nails. and pinterest-ing cute ideas like this DIY gold striped nails tutorial!! sometimes pop over to a friend's place and hang out, paint our nails and chat the night away... and sometimes, i do it myself after blake is tucked in bed while catching up with daniel! it's not been the most perfect nails.. but i've been having a great time so far!

what are some of the other home DIY beauty things that won't goof up too badly?

p.s. don't suggest home waxing. been there, tried that. don't wanna talk about it... 



  1. I finally went for my facial, it was good, but gosh, I was sooooo bored and fidgety throughout! The thought of having to go through that regularly put me off from signing a package haha...

    1. haha!!! exactly! i really can't! but i feel like my impatience works against my beauty regime! hahaha

  2. I know what you mean - I hardly have time for anything too! I did a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo at Erabelle so I don't have to spend too much time drawing my brows (just need to pluck stray hairs once every 1-2 weeks). I use an epilator for legs, pits, arms at home. Paint my own nails if I have time. I use heavy-duty facial creams, slap on facial masks when I sleep and do hair treatments at home when I remember. Only things I can't do myself are - cut hair (I go for a quick trim once in 2 months or so) and facial (once every few months). No time for massages! Share your short-cuts too ;)

    1. that's a lot of home DIYs! unfortunately i've only successfully conquered the nails. everything else im quite dependent. the semi-perm eyeliner is tempting though!! have you tried that?!


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