Sunday, January 4, 2015

diy :: canopy bed

blake has been sleeping in his cardboard house (similar to this) for half a year and i felt like it was time to change! i've been dying to get one of these house beds from this little house for blake but the bad (and good) news is.. he is still sleeping in his crib!

so at christmas, he received a playtent from one of his auntie D and because we don't have that much floor space around the house, has been moved around! he has a great time in it but it takes up way too much space. so daniel got creative and did THIS! 

wahaha!! who knew my husband has DIY in his blood!

so i quickly sewed a canopy above to dress it up! 

when i get a chance, i'll go get some white ribbon to replace the twine and maybe use a more neutral color for the canopy! so its still work in progress!! but blake is SUPER excited to sleep in his new house!! :) 



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