Friday, December 5, 2014

christmas update :: the entry way

since we're spending christmas at home this year, i thought to dress up the place a little and inject a bit of festive cheer into our home!

starting with our entryway since its the first thing you see! 

spotted this idea from pinterest! and since i still have a whole bunch of embroidery hoops from our last place, i decided to make use of them and some twine and natural yarn!

wrapped the hoops that were too beaten up with yarn!

a mock up of how i'd like them to be placed before enlisting the help of my professional aerial specialist to mount them up! 

TADAH! :) a warm welcome with a sprig of pine and some holiday reds!

p.s. i disclaim that watermelon ball. blake placed it there and i just noticed it after taking the picture! oh welll... 



  1. Lovely and festive idea. I like it.

  2. So awesome!! Totally want to steal the embroidery hoop idea!! xx


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