Friday, November 28, 2014

tokyo 2014 :: yoyogi park

im taking a break from black friday shipping! and as im typing this i can hear my husband heaving a sigh of relief! :)

thought to start writing about tokyo before the holiday season!! can i start by saying this is by far the BEST trip with blake EVER? we stopped thinking of him as a baby and more of like a little travel buddy!!

we rather aggressively booked a 2 am flight so we arrived at 9am in the morning pretty beat up!! first stop after dropping our bags off at the hotel ... chococro!!

we hadn't planned much on the first day as it was daniel's birthday (happy birthday again, muffin!!) and he had plans to hit up the stores. so we chose to wander around yoyogi park and let blake stretch his little legs a bit!

but check out what we bumped into! :) a children carnival setting up for the weekend! we were one of their first customers because the crowds had not descended!

he was ecstatic! even though we failed in all the japanese instructions and didn't make fistpumps and "choo choo" sounds when we were cued to!! lol

my favorite season to be in tokyo! :) the leaves are the prettiest!!!! 

me and birthday boy before the huge gear change! after, he was WAY happier!!

fields of gold...

so blessed to be able to explore tokyo at the pace that we did. maybe because we've been there, done that (and i went on a crazy girlie shopping trip earlier in the year), we didn't feel the need to tick things off any list. just wander, go for walk and see what we bump into!! 

this will always be a favorite moment in my memory!! ;) 



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