Monday, November 10, 2014

our littlest :: trains

there's like a little switch in little kids. they just KNOW that if they are a little dude, they need to love cars, trucks, trains and all that wheely things. and if they're little girlies, the tutus and fluffy things. 

such a stereotype, i know! but so true.

our little guys is obsessed with trains. so for his second, we thought to get him started on a train tracks. unsexy as it is. man it took forever for us to research the options! we spoke to friends with boys, we searched the internet for compaitability...  wooden vs plastic, this brand vs that brand, character (thomas) vs generic thingmajigs.. 


then i remembered this set that had him enthralled for hours even when he was barely one year old. and knew that this would have to be it. so there you go - brio trains! 

here we go, choo choo!!!

p.s. the good and i guess bad news is. its not available in singapore. so i won't go mad and buy him a whole bunch of trains bits!!



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