Friday, November 7, 2014

my favorite birthday gift this year ...

my birthday came and swung by really quickly last month with much fanfare. despite whinging to everyone that im getting old and really don't see a reason to need to celebrate every year, we still had a tonne of cakes and many lovely coffee/lunch/dinner treats and even pressies!! 

one of the most awesome gifts i received this year was from mum. we had a huge family do, which was in the evening to accommodate the working peeps. and then later in the week, it was all a bit cloak and daggers and basically what i understood was, they were going to babysit blake and daniel was to take me out. 

given any other week, i would have been alright. but i've had a few late nights and honestly could do with a quiet night in, with no drama. so during the day, i whinged to mum a lot about having to dress up. and eat at a nice place. meh meh meh. it was kinda ungrateful...

and when we went for dinner at luke's, i started feeling a lot better! the food was spectacular and the company is awesome as always. and so when the birthday cake arrived, i was shocked. because i really don't do surprises and i knew that daniel would never ever do that to me. and that was when daniel went "you mean you didn't know? your mum organized this whole meal and paid for it!" 

GAHHHH *jaw droppingly guilty* i had to scoff down chocolate cake to stop me from choking up. if you know my mum, she's never one to splurge on herself. and it meant a lot that she went through such effort (and my brothers chipping in for babysitting and making resos and birthday cake surprise... they are BOYS! boys don't think of details like that!). and this whole time i was whingey? gah!! so horrible! 

thanks ma, for the lovely surprise and for dealing with my 32 years of angst!

love you lots!! and best birthday present ever!



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