Sunday, November 9, 2014

happy birthday, baby!!

here are ten reasons why i loved you more this year :: 

one - you started running at 5/6am (no clue cos i'm never awake) and have the baby monitor on during your swim so you don't miss out on blake's waking moments. and so i don't need to wake up at all.

two - you've not had a night off in forever, but i've never heard you whinge about it the way i do. 

three - you're really not the chattiest person i know. but you'd always volunteer to help out our friends in your own little way.. take pictures, tech questions, babysit while we chat. 

four - blake and muu can not ask for a better dad.

five - that crabmeat chorizo kimchi fried rice!! epic!! 

six - you let me go away on a girls trip (no biggie..) but to only your favorite city on earth!!

seven - you still sooth me back to sleep when i have nightmares! or when im tired but say im not tired. (i sound like a toddler. mentally i really am... sigh.)

eight - you took the bomb shelter as your "man cave". my heart broke a little when you actually saw the size of our friends' man cave. its ok, you can go hang out there lots! 

nine - when you told me about how you had to go super early to get fresh ramen before they get snapped up by the japanese housewives! i love when you talk groceries. so hot. 

ten - we watch the trashiest tv shows together and its awesome!

you're still the best thing that has happened in my life. and im so grateful that i get to wake up next to you every single morning!! 

happy birthday, pumpkin! hope you are having a blast on your birthday trip!
wished we could have muumuu with us on this special day!
that would have been perfection!



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