Tuesday, November 4, 2014

... because family would always be family

my brother was in the midst of a major move so he hopped back in town to spend some time with family and friends. and i particularly appreciate him taking time to hang out with blake.

he also took blake on his first trip to the zoo. i was pretty impressed when he told me i could take the day off! hats off!

its very darling to watch the two of them together because it reminds me of my own uncle who i grew up with and love dearly!! there is something special about that relationship. someone who loves your mum so much that in turn loves you too. 

im so pleased that blake's got such a positive influence in his life. we are hoping to go across to hang out with him more this year as he settles into his new life! but the 32 hour flight makes me shudder with fear. 

and of course, blake's got his lovely grandparents to count on as always...

this was one of the reasons why we were open to moving to singapore. so we could be closer to them but silly us, didn't even take into account the importance of family in blake's life. let's just say, its going to take a lot for us to move again! 

p.s. bubba was not equipped for waterplay but somehow talked everyone into a splasharound after lunch. :) 



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