Friday, October 31, 2014

we've got two, babe!

it's been two weeks since bubba turned two. and the birthday dust is settling just in time for us to get excited about daniel's birthday! which is probably why i particularly love the end of year!! because soon after, its holiday season and all that good turkey happy stuff comes around to round up the year! 

but first things first, two.

we had the loveliest of celebrations given our lack of preparation! following his actual birthday, we kept having friends come over to play or have dinner and surprise him with a candle on the cake. that week, we couldn't say no to chocolate cake which made him a very happy boy!!

indeed very blessed child!

but we knew what's in store for us this year. we needed to up our game and tank up on love and patience with a HEAVY dollop of humor. blake's always been a very opinionated child, slightly ahead of the curve in his flare for dramatics and impeccable timing when to throw a massive tanty. i won't go into hilarious details but let's just say, we saw it coming!!

we spoke to his sweet teachers about his behavior. they came up with a genius game plan and we are all sticking to it. while its not the easiest teaching a single kid how to share and play together, we'll keep working on it. and we're comforted that he's surrounded by such a great support system that tell us after we look all beaten up that "kids will just be kids" and give blake a sympathetic cuddle. lol sometimes we all need a forgiving voice of reason like that, don't we!?

anyway, its not all doom and gloom. 

what we have in tantrums, we are also doubly rewarded in funny conversations and ever so often, get reminded of the hilarious little boy that we have. just the other day, we were in a cab almost home. he'd spotted a familiar building and knew he was almost home so he bent over and whispered in my ear "mama, only one peppa pig (video), please. if no, i will cry." just as i was registering what he just said to me, he bent over again and confirmed. "i will cry VERY LOUD." lol. 

well, i said no. and we survived that cab ride and so will we survived this year!

blakieboo, don't you worry a single bit! any tricks you got in your cheeky little head, we got you! and will love you forever and ever!! 



  1. That's the funniest negotiation yet! You don't know if you should roll your eyes in exasperation or throw your head back with laughter! B's lucky he's so cute, he can get away with most things hahaha...

    1. he is very cheeky and has a way with things eh!?

  2. Totally LOL-ed at that. Such a smartypants. These cheeky boys. When Noah (my 17 month old) pulls out his fake cries, I fake cry back to which he will do a 'pat pat'. I know its not proper parenting but he is so squish able when he says 'pat pat'.

    1. wahahahha! :) we do what we gotta do, eh?! who cares about proper parenting! lol

  3. Oh goodness, I'm so glad I'm not the only one having to deal with a tantrumy boy. Aren't they the worst? Though mine seem to be mainly on Thursdays!

    1. when it comes to tantrums, you've got company. ANY day of the week hon! :) lol


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