Monday, October 13, 2014

in sydney :: bondi beach

we had such stunning weather while we were in sydney. they were just coming out of winter and enjoying the first few days of sunshine!

ok we totally didn't look it with our puffer vest and long everything all the time. but we did arrive from land of summer-all-year-round, yknow!?

even though it was not splashing in the sea weather, we thought we HAD to go to bondi! there were tonnes of great restaurants there and then there was...


and all our worries melted away... such a gorgeous way to spend the morning!

it was so beautiful i told daniel "maybe we should buy something here and come back every christmas". and he told me with a straight face "yeah! no one had that idea. so you really should." i blame it on the sea breeze but i didn't detect an ounce of sarcasm and got really excited... booo!!

i mean.. this view. is worth every penny!!

we had a long walk around the beach while blake dug sandcastles on the beach.. he was glued to his spot and didn't want to budge!

how could you deny your mum and blake of such joy, daniel! :)

p.s. i especially love this picture because while we were all in our winter blacks (so melbournian of them!), there are hot chicks in the background in their string bikini! lol! 



  1. Hahaha, we were overdressed like that our last trip to Bondi too - with everyone jumping into the sea in bikinis and Speedos. They must have thought we were weird Asians! Ah I would love a vacay home there too - one can dream right?!

    1. HAHAH! :) im right with you in the weird asians category! :) lol


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