Monday, October 6, 2014

in sydney :: bills

naturally when you think of sydney, you think of bills! :) especially when you're obsessed with corn fritters.. we were super thrilled when we found out our place was around the corner from the restaurant and swore to eat there everyday (but didn't...)

my goofy bill's face!!

ok i must also explain that we snuck in a half day off from blake because his grandparents took him to taronga zoo. and unlike most good parents, we decided to abandon them all and run far away!! 

i barely warmed my seat and was ready to order THIS!

daniel got creative and got their crabmeat and chorizo kimchi fried rice.. seriously, bills! you think of the BEST combinations! we are serving this the next time we have friends over!! 

i had that silly grin plastered over my face the whole time we were in that gorgeously sun-filled restaurant! we also giggled that we were seated on a bench of 5 tables, of which we were the only non-japanese! LOL its like we were right back where we started!! 

come to singapore already, bills!



  1. What? They have kimchi fried rice too? Is this the one at Surry Hill?

    1. i know right!? he's really branched out!

      we were at the darlinghurst branch! xx

  2. The food looks amazing! I don't blame you for sneaking away for a little time alone


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