Thursday, October 16, 2014

in sydney :: beare park

because we had daniel's mum with us this trip, she was happy to nap with blake in the afternoon so we snuck out a lot. but when we came back, we'd always try to do something fun with blake before his early bedtime.

we had a few recommendations from the people we rented the house from and were keen to check them all out! beare park was particularly gorgeous! it was quieter and tucked in the middle of a nice residential estate. there were tonnes of boats to check out and the view was stunning!

and like most aussie parks, there was a small but pretty awesome playground for blake to run around in. and since it was pretty quiet, we could sneak in for some fun too!

we said hey to many doggies, rolled down the slope a couple times and took our time to watch the sun set (or in blake's world.. mr sun to say g'night!!) before grabbing burgers for dinner! it was such an easy way to spend an evening!! 

gotta love australia! 



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