Friday, September 26, 2014

taking stock :: last quarter of the year

a while back, i had a few blood test that came back wonky in a routine check. it was probably from the sheer power of my over-dramatic mind but i started feeling all the symptoms all at once. it was scary and worrying and exhausting. then i took a short break and while i was away, was so happy that i didn't have time to imagine symptoms. and came home cured. 

probably a timely reminder to take stock of life and simplify. 

making:: special plans to spend more time with daniel. (sorry mister! you're important too!)
cooking:: nothing! i've been lazy in the kitchen. take outs FTW!
drinking:: leftover tea from mid-autumn festival (and taking notes, as instructed by a sweet little 9yo!)
reading:: interior magazines and blogs. its my favorite thing of the mo.
wanting:: to spend more time with my parents.
looking:: for an excuse to not upgrade my phone. im a weirdo like that. i like old familiar things...
playing:: "neko foon chat-ta" on blakie's piano with him! he loves that song! i need to sing it for you!
wasting:: space in our wardrobe for winter (and ski!) gear!!
sewing:: awesome fabric shorts for blake! and using my lovely fabric from japan!
wishing:: hawaii weren't that far away!
enjoying:: the constant breeze in our apartment
waiting:: for a whole bunch of new bubbies to arrive from my dance pals! super stoked!
liking:: the balance we are enjoying in life
wondering:: if we would ever regret our decision to have one kid.
loving:: blake's gentle kind soul.
hoping:: our dear friends find courage to live their dreams!! (and we will gain inspiration to do so shortly after!!!)
marveling:: at how much love daniel has for blake's fish. he is really such a sweetheart!
needing:: to see my osteopath a bit too often. but i've been crap at following his exercises. ooops!
smelling:: a steady waft of my awesome candles from the bathroom.. yay!
wearing:: comfy daggy home clothes i've had since college!
following:: a few too many dramas on social media. its outrageously poor form. but strangely addictive.
noticing:: our friends starting to buy real estate in our hood! EXTRA EXCITED!! 
knowing:: that this last quarter is going to go by lighting fast! :) 
thinking:: about blake's education.
bookmarking:: happy blogs! so inspiring!
opening:: a pressie from our darling friends! so indulgent (thanks B & SAT!)
giggling:: at my advice to my preggo pals worrying about raising a kid. "if they're alive, you're a good mom.' lol
feeling:: much better than when i started typing this entry! :) 



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