Monday, September 15, 2014

our little yogurt face...

mornings are the most precious pocket of time we have with blake. he's always in a chirpy mood, hilariously starved, wide-eyed bushy tailed and doles out the best hugs. he's eager to please, chatty and wants to be involved with everything we are up to. 

we usually chuck him on his own on the balcony with the hardest to tackle snack (so it takes him a longer time) to buy us some time. so just the other morning, i noticed at the corner of my eye, blake watching us rush about getting organized, filling his school bag, getting breakfast made, getting dressed and can't help but feel like what he really wanted was for us to sit and have yogurt and start the day slow with him... 

so we did. and things got done eventually... but it was really a much nicer start to our day. guess gotta remember that yogurt faces only stays little for this long! 
i can't wait to see you tomorrow morning, muffin!!



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