Wednesday, September 3, 2014

five things :: shopping in cambodia

when we booked our tickets to cambodia (on budget airlines..), the husband strategically excluded check in luggage! his rationale was - its just a short weekend, no baby gear so let's go light! at least that was how it was sold to me. 

but that guy is pretty sharp because when i got there i was all "HEY!!! wait a minute.. how about my shopping!?" oh well.. didn't let that slow me down! here are some pretty things i brought home from cambodia!

an embroidery top that would be perfect for a swim suit cover 
(or a pretty see through dress! either one is fine!)

this cosy patchwork pet bed for muu with silver details but he wouldn't get off it for me to get a picture in the sun!! a good buy, i guess!

a charger plate for parties (goes with the baskets in our home too!) 

a massive cosy scarf that can double up as a picnic mat!

simple leather sandals that i've already worn to death! 

(and a bunch of really cute jammies for blake! but they're in the wash!) 
can you imagine how i'd do if i had luggage space! 


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  1. Nice haul. Never expect a man to book air flight! ^^


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