Tuesday, August 19, 2014

tokyo is always a good idea...

i was deleting pictures from my camera when i found these happy snap of our girlie trip to tokyo last month. it was meant to be a quick short weekend trip but somehow when we looked at our itinerary, it ended up being more like a week!! 

and i had THE BEST TIME! i don't know if it was something in the air or the company or the fact that i have none of my boys with me... but the liberation and novelty of being able to do anything i want, anytime, added a spring to my step and i swear i had that silly grin on my face all week.

hello shopping bags and buddies!

tokyo was charming as always.. and i won't go swooning about how cute everything is. but it never disappoints!

i had a lovely time tagging along to coffee joints that i've never seen before, fancy sushi places i've walked past but never knew and shopped like a mad woman on the loose.

i also snuck in an "off day" to run off to meet my friend and squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping!! everything was same same but so different! i love bumping into my handsome fabric cutting dude who gave me a wink! :)

 i have a little confession. i didn't miss the boys as much as i thought i would! me being the dramatic one in the family thought i would be hugging their picture to sleep and sobbing my eyes out (like i used to when i went on vacations without muumuu..) but this time, it was all good!! maybe it was the midnight ramen noodles that soothed my soul...

couldn't have asked for better company than these ladies (in matchy shoes no less)!! i came home all happy and big grin smiley ready to love my boys a little bit more! so i guess that means i should go on girlie trips more often, right? 

p.s. thank you daniel and mum for bravely taking over the fort!! 



  1. oooh you have to tell me all the cute new places! i'm heading there at the end of the month!

  2. Daww! I miss our Ichiran runs!! We gotta do this again!

    1. we do! :) maybe time to petition for it to be a bi-annual thing! heh!

  3. Nice post woman!
    Were your friends wearing the same type of shoes? how cute is that?
    Always nice to have friends to travel and do stuff together...even with family and all. :) x

    1. indeed! :) they have the same shoes and same bag! so cute!!!

  4. hi! how did you manage to squeeze in a weekend for Tokyo?! Like a 3d2n thingy? i just returned from Japan a mth ago and am in love! thinking of next trip but annual leave is limited :(

  5. lol! :) this was more like 5N and 2 full days! :)


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