Thursday, August 14, 2014

racial harmony day...

lil pumpkin celebrated his first racial harmony day in school last week! 

we were told to wear a national costume and out of pure laziness, we dressed him up in a happi that i picked up from my recent trip in tokyo. and as part of the celebration, we were asked if we'd like to contribute something for the school party!! i popped to the markets to pick up some steam cakies (that blake loves!!) and plonked them on a serving dish! and officially became the laziest mom ever ever!! :)

that afternoon, when blake came home from school, he was very interested to know "where are you from?". he asked our chair. he asked me. he asked muumuu. and when they didn't respond, he would decide "you are BRAZILIAN!" lol 

i guess with the multi-racial mix of his schoolmates, they must have learnt that everyone is from somewhere! im not sure it really matters to kids this young but he came back with a singapore tattoo on his arm, an australian flag sticker for his "amma" (daniel's mom) and america smacked right on his forehead (don't know about that!). we're not particularly nationalistic nor do we bring up race a lot in our family. but i took this opportunity to explain to him that mama is from singapore and papa is from australia and he is from both! and in his school report card, his teachers laughed at how he was enthusiastic and ate way too many kinds of food! :) 

i hope it makes more sense to him one day. and he'll grow up learning that its not the difference that is  important or worth flaunting but what's common that brings us together. 


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  1. Wise words. With parents like you and D, Blake's in good hands.
    Love love!


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