Monday, August 18, 2014

national day weekend

we had a few groups of friends over on national day weekend. it was also our house-warming of sorts and because we're weird to gifts, we didn't have a registry or made it a huge deal so people felt like they had to come with something. instead, they all came to hang out, perch on our cold hard bare floors and filled our home with laughter and love..

truly the best kinda housewarming gift we could ask for... 

by the end of the weekend, we had crumbs all over, we no longer cared that it was not showroom- perfect and we HAD to pop out to buy our first proper vacuum but it's all good!!

this little guy, antwone, was our first official sleepover guest!!

my family also rocked up in full force in red and white to celebrate and fill our tables asian-style with TONNES of yummy food! we didn't even have to clean up after!! family is THE best!! and they all stayed to watch two massive rounds of fireworks! it was stunning and we had the best time!

we also realized that our kiddos THRIVE with attention, no whinging, no odd pee-cidents (sorry. probably tmi but we have boys... y'know!), no fights... nothing! its like they didn't exist! such party animals! :) 

and so, our new life begins!

p.s. for our friends who haven't visited, please come! you were not uninvited from some awesome top-10 favorite pals only party... we just prefer to do small little dos. anyway, you're still very loved! kisses kisses!! come play, ok?



  1. lol at your last ps note! :D

    does that mean i can swing by your place next time to play? -shameless auntie mode on- :P

    -Ruth xx


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