Friday, August 8, 2014

home is...

a few months ago, we were asked to take a few pictures of our not-so-new apartment so our real estate agent could show it to potential renters. it feels like a long time ago but looking back at this apartment, like a lot of things in life, it was fleeting but home to a lot of lovely memories.

this was the little space we transitioned from us three to us four (and a lot of craziness!) there were certain ideas, i spotted to translate what we lived for into our little nugget of space. some were major flops (transparant coffee table.. great in look but gives pretty lethal bruises in the dark!). some ideas held its ground pretty well!

we thought about how we wanted to live and built a space around it. our loveliest memories centered around the dining table with friends spilling over onto the floor. somewhat reflective of our culinary skills, our kitchen is so tiny that when the entire family is squished in it, there are always some inappropriate groping happening.. 

our white couch screamed of our rebellion. we had a billion people tell us its an absolute no-no but we firmly believed that we could do it. i don't know if it was just to prove a point... but several washes later, our couch still looks white-ish! heh! and see that little sliver of space between the couch and the window, that's blake's play area! lol

the man cave turned blake's room (complete with sleeping baby prop)! 

initially had lofty plans for all the boys to share a room! and daniel to tap away on his work desk while blake sleeps! but that didn't quite pan out so it became his change table for 18 months!! this will not be moved to our new place but a reminder of what daniel gave up for his little guy! also, hidden away from view, his precious bike, guitar, keyboard and massive tonne of things we wished we had space for!

we kept our japanese futon! we found ourselves cuddling with our squirmy child and a elderly musashi lots and spent countless afternoons lazing in bed while they dragged random snacks and toys into bed! unglam but exactly what our family needed...

this odd little corner which because a photobooth corner at parties hold our rocking chair. we don't use it as often these days but im going to hold on to it. 

i miss living here already. the location was stunning. and perfect for all those desperate afternoons where all the baby needed was a walk and i needed a HUGE juice/shake/bubble tea. i never felt alone and this place was special for so many reasons. i know its was not meant to be our forever home and when it is time to leave, there will be a few tears shed. 



  1. Thankfully you have heaps of photos to remind you of all the great times :) and nothing beats having a nest to call your own and fingers crossed - no moving for a little while. Yet :)

    1. fingers crossed.. (UNLESS ITS NEW YORK, just sayin'!) lol


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