Friday, July 25, 2014

zouk kid's party

ask any singaporean and they will have a tonne of stories to tell you surrounding zouk and the mischief it brings! :) we just caught wind that it will be torn down by the end of the year so when the zouk kids flyer came around, we were SUPER excited to bring bubba to his first clubby party ever!

our friends got us tickets and we rocked up together! they had their cutie, colette in tow too! but the two of them were being bashful around each other..

i'd been working the flea the whole morning so i was a bit flat! but having these younglings around really perks you up! 

hello blakie and your rad blower!

we also bumped into his bestie in school, soma! 

blakie working the podium!

lol the ticket included (1) non-alcoholic drink for the babies...  i was half expecting the scene to be a little quieter, brighter lights but the full on sparkly lights were going and music was roaring!! only thing different is the bubble machine which the kiddos loved! 

and if you're not into boogie-ing to ymca or "let it gooooooo...", there was a popular photobook, craft corner, tattoos, glitter thingmajigs off to the side for kids to take a breather from the dance floor. 
but in true blake spirit, he was going at it the WHOLE time!! 

we took this picture so we can scandalize him next time he's a pimply teenager and wants to drive to the clubs with his pals. WE WERE THERE BUDDY! and we've seen your moves!! 

and if zouk holds a special spot in your heart, here's the online petition you can sign!



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