Wednesday, July 9, 2014

we survived...

our first major fall and emergency hospital run. i guess from when we knew we were having a son (and after meeting him more so..) that this will be a frequent part of our lives. so we'll just have to toughen up and brush up our grab bag, IDs, snack pack and off we go routine.

but this little guy surprises us everyday. not a single drop of tear all evening and even had enough sass in him to instruct the nurses to hold up his phone so he can watch peppa pig while the surgeon worked on his chin.

and now he tells everyone that "blakie broken. doctor fix it. ok!!" leaving both of us still very very broken hearted! 




  1. Oh dear hope he's ok. Hope the stitches heal nicely. Am quite glad we haven't had to visit the A&E with the boys YET. Urk!

    PS. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Awww...poor Blakie! It's cool he took it so calmly though, you guys taught him well!

  3. Being in A&E is the worse feeling/experience ever, huh :( At least he'll look badass with a chin scar!!!

  4. Aww! I feel like saying "poor mommy!" more than "poor blakie!". Because clearly it is not slowing him down! :) You're a champ and B is a tough little man!
    I feel very fortunate that a free standing ER was just built -literally- at my neighborhood. Someone telepathic knew that Seth Jr. would be steps away growing big!


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