Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the littlest :: twenty ONE months!!

our bubbaboo turns 21 months!! and on a sidenote, when do you start counting kiddy ages in years? because i kinda go with "he is ONE." but then it'll bring on a whole discussion about "wow! he is walking at one?" and we have to follow up with "well, he is kinda... *starts counting on fingers* twenty months?" which makes it a whole much longer than necessary conversation. 

anyway i digress! yes! another quarter till the big TWO!!

here are a few things we love about blake :: 

one - he is very opinionated and sometimes downright bossy. he has no problems telling you specifically what he needs. "papaya. cut. fork please mama." that is me scrambling around three times to fetch him what he needs. and heaven forbid i don't understand what he wants, he will get up, fetch it himself and tell me knowingly "this one..." *roll eyes* 

two - he swings between being a social butterfly and shy. he loves company and is an absolute charm in the company of little friends. BUT takes a while to warm up. we kinda like both and hang back so we can see his personality evolve. 

three - very hearty eater. this dude eats around the clock. we figured as long as he's eating healthy and isn't overweight, we'll let him eat what he needs. just last week, we were out for dinner so he ate from our plates, along with a tonne of other snacks so we figured, he should be fine for dinner. in the middle of bedtime routine, he suddenly remembered he hadn't officially eaten. so came right out, ask for dinner, finished it nicely and went back to his bedtime routine. 

four - likes the word "special". if you add a "special" in front of everything, he wants it! so its special sauce, special juice, special bikkie, special milk.. yeah the full special works. 

five - when he spot little bruises and cuts on our bodies. he will touch the "owwie" carefully and in the sweetest voice "blakie kiss it better. muaaah! ok, mummy? all better."

six - when he can sense that i'm frustrated or upset about something (usually something he'd done), he would put everything down and come flying to me and say "mama, happy face. happy face!!" and poke his fingers into his cheeks. don't know where that came from but definitely makes me smile.


blake, my dear child, if there were a fan club, you know we'd be lifetime die hard fan of yours. love you to the moon and back, bunny! 



  1. Blake fan club?! Sign me up! :D xx

  2. He sounds like a wonderfully raised and adorable boy, well done! :)

    1. can't claim credit for any of his achievements! its was all him! :)

  3. such a wonderful boy, you've done such a good job! and of course, lil Blakie too!
    - Cayce

    1. TONNES of fun! :) you'll see! the next few months with L is going to be the best ones!!


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