Sunday, July 6, 2014

second half of the year... FREAK OUT!!!

i have no idea HOW this happen!!! it feels like yesterday i was feeling unsettled about this year. the year started with a lot of in betweens. we were in between homes, blake was at an awkward age i thought he was ready for independence but (in singapore) they felt like he wasn't, we didn't quite dare to plan huge trips because we didn't know how we were doing financially... and all of those bugged me. 

but on hindsight, there was no need to worry or rush. cos everything fell in place in its own time. and as always, i was just a worrywart!!

making:: plans for a DIY for blake's room. D is skeptical but the world has no room for haters, mister!! :)
cooking:: not much! i've been really busy and have had really unhealthy "meals" of instant cup ramen. 
drinking:: warm water with a drop of lemon! 
reading:: minimalist parenting. just dabbling...
wanting:: crazy people to chill out and back off. 
looking:: forward to a break.
playing:: felt poms this morning! im organizing..
wasting:: time treading around people's feelings. my life long battle...
sewing:: more like (un)sewing labels from blake's clothes!!
wishing:: for wednesday to come NAOW!
enjoying:: the ability to reason and bargain with blake
waiting:: for my MIL to arrive today! till then, im holding up the fort!
liking:: glass terraniums but pretty sure it will get shattered in.. about... 2 seconds.
wondering:: if life will slow down ever!!
loving:: how our travel calendar is shaping up!
hoping:: blake's enthusiasm to read stay with him for life. such a great thing!
marveling:: at how much crap we amassed in 2 years! wuuut...
needing:: a crackly visit to the osteopath or masseuse
smelling:: bergamot. my happy scent.
wearing:: my yoga gear.. getting psyched about a good stretch later
following:: the whole succulent and terrarium trend. im SO predictable
noticing:: a significant slow down in muu's pace :( 
knowing:: that we don't have him forever. so muffinpuffin has been snuggling in bed lots with us
thinking:: about work. lol.
bookmarking:: tonnes of kid fashion inspiration.
opening:: a whole can of worms! found a bunch of industrial wholesalers. plywood, foam, metal cage.. and my brain is racing "what to do! what to make!"
giggling:: at blake's recent pick up line "how are you today?" lol
feeling:: excited! and very accomplished! 


  1. Hi Z,

    I have to say, I really love your blog. it is like a little happy place! I enjoy your style of writing, even when it is a rant, lol. I always feel that you can tell a lot about a person just from the style of his/her writing. I have been reading your blog since your Tokyo days (I used to live in japan too) and I am a silent follower of your instagram account. rarely comment as I don't feel right to since I am not your personal friend. But I love your pics and B is sooo cute!

    Cindy xx

    1. Awww thanks! :) Big hugs to you!! And you don't have to comment only when you're a personal friend.. actually most my friends don't know i blog so it puts you and me in a special cyber world space! :)


  2. Read what you said about Muu and it made me so sad.... :( I cuddle Pocket sometimes thinking how hard it will be one day to have to let him go..


    Cherish every moment right? :) love lots! And I promise to catch up with you and Yilian soon!!!!! xx


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