Tuesday, July 8, 2014

of sports and marathons

im like the least sporty person i know! i recently read an update from a dear friend about how she's starting to be less fit than before. and nearly died choking on the timtam i was eating! 

but in the many years of watching the husband race (and dutifully waiting on the side till he completes...) this is one thing that baffles me... :) 

so when the husband showed me this comic strip, i completely cracked me (and nearly died choking on my timtam again.. see the late night trend there!? making me laugh at night doesn't end well...).

anyhow, its pretty amazing how late the husband stays up with me while i tip-tap away on the computer! and then the very next day, he wakes up one hour before the babybear does... goes for a run, a swim, come home, feel the hungry bear and then both skip hop into my room and smother me with kisses. and then all of us wake muumuu up from his sleepy stupor. 

but im very proud of the husband's dedication!! he really lives up to his promise to stay fit and continue achieving goals that will make the family proud. and because weekend training are tough to pry himself away from us, he sacrifices sleep so he can clock in a  few more miles. 

can't wait to watch him run the sydney marathon later this year, hold blake at the sidelines and show how things get done...  

love you, daniel! you're the man! 



  1. Awww. Too sweet and what discipline! Kudos... I'm still nagging my husband (who loves basketball and tennis) to stop doing it on weekday nights and sat mornings because they are so so so precious. Little bub is growing up TOOOOO fast. :/

    1. haha! i guess it helps that daniel is trying to train while bubba is asleep! :) so i know hes trying his best!

  2. I can totally relate! Somehow this health and fitness thing has not rubbed off on me at all after all these years!


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