Wednesday, July 30, 2014

jamie oliver's mini green house from australia!

in a bid to encourage kiddies to eat fresh fruit and vegetable, jamie oliver and woolsworth teamed up for an adorable campaign in australia. from the marketing material online and the cute stickers my mum in law brought for blake, it sounded really adorable. and works even for a young toddler like blake! 

when i heard from erica that they were going half off at woolies, i knew it was my last chance to grab a set for blake!! thank you mum for lugging it home!! xxxx

it saved our asses on one particularly long rainy afternoon (he's going through a "must-jump-in-puddles-like-peppa-pig" phase and its hard to explain how bah kwa is made should he get struck by lighting. seriously kid.) anyway, he was intrigued by the setting up of the greenhouse and wanted to get his hands grubby! we let him sow the seeds but i have a confession...

this whole time, i was SO sure it won't work. what are the odds right? sat on the shelves of a supermarket until clearance? flew internationally? a compact little cube of soil and most importantly... his mama's sub par gardening skills? 

what did i know!!! two days later... little green thingalings started sprouting and it has grow even more since!!! *gasp* FIRST TIME LUCKY! ;)

blake now checks on his plants every few minutes and asks ever so tenderly "are you growing?" lol and i, on the other hand, have started surfing online for indoor plant ideas! i mean, if i can do this... i am probably a landscaping/gardening genius, yes? 

p.s. please say yes. 



  1. That's the cutest and blakie's the sweetest (with his 'are you growing')!

  2. I really like his hair cut, accentuates his big eyes :)

    1. awww really? i must admit i didn't go through so much thought when i walked in and told the barber to CUT IT OFF


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