Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy tuesday people...

i used to get dramatic about monday blues. and daniel, that sweetheart, will tell me that the only reason why mondays are particularly difficult is because the weekend was out-of-this-world good! and that he'd rather have a bad monday than to miss out on an awesome weekend. and that thought always made me smile!! that man ... he can win any argument. :)

anyway, this morning, bubbieboo was having a particularly tough morning going to school. it was completely my fault because i used muu as a bait to walk him to school. and when we got there, he got upset that muu couldn't walk him INTO CLASS!! *gasp* 

anyway, tears galore. broken heart. red sniffley nose. and when he got into class, i had to explain to teacher why he was upset (instead of his usual huge smiles). i don't even think teacher got to the real reason but she heard "DOG" and brought the whole gaggle of toddlers to meet muu. which was a great idea except blake didn't want to share! so there was a lot of "noooo. MY dog! MINE! no touching. no hugging. NOOOOOOO!!!" lol 

anyway, more tears. more broken hearts. but a classful of screechy happy kiddos!! im typing and laughing at how ridiculous the morning went... anyway... 

i finally got home and decided to do something nice for blakie! so he gets a surprise when he comes home! 

so i put up a few sweet reminders in the corner of his room! its totally undone and a complete mess around the house. but at least this corner is looking vaguely cute!  

hope you had a lovely weekend (to counter this morning's blues...)!!


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