Wednesday, July 23, 2014

an afternoon at the choo choo train playground

this train playground is one of blakie's favorite places! we're here all the time but some time ago, we got daddies to come along to help us chase after the sillies and take pictures...

the best things in his life in one picture. playground and his favorite korkor!

even though it was a scorcher, we had darling nica with us!! blake has a major crush on sweetie pie nica! each time someone says "meimei nica!" he will respond with "pretty." complete with bashful eyes...
(heh! im sure he will thank me in 15 years for sharing his secret...)

this playground is perfect for vehicle obsessed boys! there is a massive train they can climb around in, flying fox, slides of all shape and sizes and i love that it has a bit of sand play too!!

korkor matteo is the sweetest! he's always looked out for blake and even though he's only one year older, is always helping bubba out with everything! just as a korkor should!

so sweaty chasing after our munchkins! but always fun (and noisy) in each other's company!

ok. this picture is kinda epic. blake is definitely not a touchy feely kinda baby. i know he loves me but i only get cuddles when he is ill. so its something super special when he hugs korkor matteo!! 

it makes me SO incredibly happy to see them hang out! hope they grow up loving each other as much as they do now! 



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