Monday, July 21, 2014

all about cute nails...

officially the cutest nails this summer!!!

i just got my nails done and in the spirit of trying something different and new, i chose this color changing nail color its a beautiful teal green that turns into a charcoal grey! and to match with the grey, my tooties are in a similar shade of grey. so all was great until i stepped out of my nail place only to realize that it DOES NOT FREAKIN WORK!! 

so i had to live with 2 weeks of mismatching nails and a reminder of my failed attempt to be creative with my nails! next time, im just going to stick to my classic reds or nudes!!



  1. They are cute! I missed nail colours. It has been long since I colour my nails. If in mood, I do my own nail art. ;)

    1. wow! i need to pick up some tips from you! i don't even have patience for one coat of polish to dry! lol


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