Monday, June 9, 2014

blog hop :: my writing process

hello there! :) we're going to do something new-ish today!

corsage from a dollop of me linky-ed me last week on a blog hop to talk about writing. and when she asked me, i was flattered on so many levels. firstly, she's an amazing blogger (im not the only one tho thinks that!! she was a finalist for best family blog too!)... not like frou frou nonsense like you see here... but proper reviews and nice pictures and very articulate thoughts. and the few times i've met her, she is irresistibly adorable and totally the kinda cool mom i'd like to be! 

and then, the thought of me as a writer is mind-blowing! i mean... i could rattle on and on but to actually think about it as real writing is completely new to me. so i thought "why not!?" so let's jump right into the questions!


:: what am i working on ::

what am i NOT working on!? :) personally, im working on setting up our spanking new place. the thought of being able to buy new things, paint walls, DIY furniture is pee-in-my-pants exciting!! and on the bloggy front, i have a few kiddy and home inspired crafts coming up that i'd love to write about (if they don't fail too miserably..) 

:: how does my work differ from other in its genre ::

im assuming this is for more serious writers that have specific genres! but i'd like to think that we put that extra bit of "zing" into the everyday ordinary things that we do! 
p.s. im just comforting myself because im working on a school project FOR blake... its not mommy doing his work for him. its me adding that special touch!! 

:: why do i write what i do ::

{little projects in style} started out and will always be my personal blog. it started out as a daily log of my life as a student in swiss school, the new people i met along the way, the new adventures and the new culture i was introduce to and now.... we have this beautiful mess of husband, dog, kid and all!! 

i love that this blog has created an outlet for me to archive my thoughts, milestones and travel tales. i risk sounding narcissistic but i don't know the number of times i've looked back into my history to find the name of that restaurant or to reminisce how i felt when thisandthat happened... its such a nice thing to be able to do!! 

AND i can't even begin to talk about the people i've come to know, online and in person. they are an awesome bunch. while i still struggle explaining how we met (im old fashioned... "we met online" sounds very suss), the friendships i've held on to is anything but suss!! and the day i had someone come up to me and say "hello! you are littleprojectsinstyle!" in one mouthful... i completely cracked up. gotta love the internet! 

:: how does my writing process work ::

once again, for serious writers! i don't really have writing process! but it usually starts with seeing pictures that my husband took and thinking "oh! i really want to remember this moment in 20 years!" or spotting something cool on pinterest and going "man! i wished i'd remember this when i need it". then i sit down on my computer and type up a storm!! 

something that i'd like to do better is when i get my blog posts spell/grammar checked. the husband comes home from work and reads my blog in the evening (after it has been online for usually a better part of the day) and tells me about ALL the silly errors i've made and i edit them sheepishly after the whole world and half has seen it. so im going to work on getting my editor to eyeball my posts before they get posted. 


thank you, corsage, again for thinking of me!! and to pass on the love, i've picked some of my favorite go-to blogs! and here they are in alphabetical order! 

andrea from thebokeeffect :: one of the awesome online friends who blogs about her travels, work and lovely thingmajigs she collects! she has a darling home and is always the person to go to for a amazing slice of matcha chiffon cake with strawberries. yums!!

esther from attheconyards :: she has the most darling little girl! the world needs more cool moms like esther around! im probably biased too because blake is obsessed with colette and i need to brown-nosey with my son's potentional in-laws (just kidding!)

joey from therosebreaker :: joey is a budding fashion photographer and stylist. she is an absolutely sweetheart in person and i love the fresh breath of air she breathes into the clothes she wears.

wenmei from thehoneymarquise :: she is my high-school friend who also started her own project retailing children clothes online! i am always amazed by her burst of energy and the ease of how she handles her life, travels and her sons with such gusto! 



  1. Nice post. Now I learnt more about you and your wonderful blog. :)

    1. thanks love! :) do write one yourself! its nice to know the person behind the blog!!

  2. You are too sweet in your description of me babe! Shy lah!
    I totally hear you about the wonderful people we have met online! You for one, write exactly like how you speak in person. Open, friendly and totally real!


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