Tuesday, May 6, 2014

when two become one....

i'm giving up on bikinis! 

i've never really been victoria secrets' model-like but wearing them teensy weeny bikinis and juggling blake is a recipe for (nip-slip) disasters!! not to mention that im starting to pass out from holding my breath (and tummy) in for too long... 

here are a few one-piece suits i love that are not THAT matronly!

love the colors on this one!

this one from t by a. wang reminds me a little of my leotards! 

this one is hilarious! it turned up in my search for "one-piece suits" and i was all WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT LADY!!? 

when i clicked on the full view.. i totally got why! :) 

im curious to find out... at which point did you change to one-piece suits? or are you still a bikini warrior?!



  1. I always wore one piece swimsuits :P haha

    - Erik

  2. I'm not wearing a bikini ever... Post preg. So fat:(

  3. Sucha timely topic. I was searching for ONE PIECE suits like FRANTICALLY because I have an upcoming Bali trip. I ended up going with the retro high cut bottoms instead - cover up all those hideous stretch marks but don't have to look that matronly (though I will still need to suck it in real bad). Really hard getting nice one piece suits! the ones you've found are all really pretty! But I'm quite top heavy too so a lot of the ones that fit me on top look very grandma-like!!!

  4. I wear a tankini - I can never go back to my bikini days again because of my baby belly. Sobs!


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