Friday, May 16, 2014

this never gets old ...

watching them two together is the best thing ever. 

musashi is so patient with blake he never complains when he's pulled in all directions. you can always hear blake bossing muu around "muu, come here." "sit down, muumuu. sit." and my favourite is... "muumuu naughty. peepee there!" lol. 

 and in turn, muu is always lingering around every nap time and meal / snack time! and blake is always excited to be going home to muumuu. he wants to be the one to give muumuu a cookie (each time we leave home) and needs to clock enough cuddle time with muu each time he wakes up. 

i have always thought of myself as a girl's girl. and now, everyday is a sausage sizzle. isn't life full of surprises.. :) 

have a lovely weekend!!



  1. That's a really nice photo of Blake. :) Muumuu forgot to smile but still a cutie!! Hope they stay best friends/brothers forever.

  2. i wanna meet muu too!! and see blakie :)

    1. yeah.. muu is not a good person to hang with! he runs to hide behind me! he behaves more like a cat! Lol


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