Thursday, May 15, 2014

the littlest :: his heart

on the exterior, he is all rough and tough but this little boy of mine is a sweetheart on the inside...

just the other day i was taking him to our local bikkie shop to stock up on his snack time treats. and he got super interested in the pick your own lollies jar... mind you, this kid doesn't know or eat sweets. but i guess he must have been drawn to the colour and the excitement of the older kiddos picking their treats. 

he told me softly, "teacher fifi! mama... teacher sandra. give soma!" naming all his favorite people in his class! so i let him pick his favourite one.. these happy colored jello hearts and gummy bananas!! i wasn't too sure if soma's mommy allowed candy so conveniently left him out! 

i put a bow and a tag and sent him to school with little "happy thursday!!" treats! he was pleased as a punch! i can't wait for his teacher to receive them! 



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  1. Such a sweet boy and such a sweet idea momma! I bet that treat made his teachers feel like a million bucks!


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