Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mother's day brunch...

so our mother's day morning activity was sorta born out of terrible planning. we'd wanted to go for a champagne brunch with the family but didn't book anything in. and everywhere was booked out! *gasp* so i told mum that we'll redo brunch proper but if she didn't mind, they could come over for home-made pizzas!

my sweet boys getting the party started and pre making the pizza dough!

also i grabbed some flowers from the grocery store and pulled together two bouquets for the mummies! because the selection was pretty sad, i ended up getting "creative" and adding in fruits and vegetable bits as part of the bouquet. part creative and many more parts weird!! 

oh well i tried...

the morning was fabulous and very enjoyable. i love this picture even though its not picture perfect. i think right at this moment, blake decided to say "HAPPY!!! mothers day..." after we had been practicing all morning!! 


isn't my mummy gorgeous!?

& my wonderful party planner and chef! :) I'm going to have lots of trouble come father's day! might just stick to champagne brunch! *wink*

blake is going through a bossy phase. he tells people "XX, sit down." and shoves a book in their face expecting to be read to. this is blake's jiugong who was super sweet with him! 

one last picture with all the mummies and their babies!! 
love them all!


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