Tuesday, April 8, 2014

yilian ng floral atelier x mmerci encore

a while back, our girlfriend asked if daniel would help with some pictures! so very exciting because it meant that daniel could bring out his gear and mess around with his cameras, something he used to do more frequently. 

{little miss sunshine :: here}

the two lovely ladies rocked up with all these beautiful flowers and lovely handmade products in tow!! they were real pros that gave d proper instructions instead of my usual "just make it happy and bright! sharp here but blurry behind. thanks." it was super nice to sit back and watch d do this thing. i don't think i give him enough credit usually!!

{madama butterfly :: here}
but back to the important things!! for this mothers' day if you run out of ideas, this would be a sweet little package you and send to spoil your mama a little! 

{my fair lady :: here}

and my favorite bouquet of all is in my fair lady!! it's all the pinky and fluffy goodness you need in your life!! we had a lovely afternoon in our make pretend photoshoot! i mean i fulfilled my dream job of being a light reflector girl. i always had huge dreams! :P

flowers by yilianng & products by mmerciencore.



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