Tuesday, April 29, 2014

taking stock ...

life's been heartbreaking recently. without dwelling on the drama, its just been very emotionally trying. there are exciting things mixed in but just a good reminder that some things can't be taken for granted. thought maybe its time to gather my (very random) thoughts and take stock of what's happening in life.


making:: plans for our next and next next vacation. travel is rebellion in its purest form. word.
cooking:: dinners again. ive been taking a long break but im back! and the fridge is stocked.
drinking:: cookie tea. my comfort drink.
reading:: frankie.
wanting:: world peace. and broken hearts to be fixed. immediately.
looking:: for the perfect bedframe for blake's floorbed. maybe we'll DIY.
playing:: with truck, trains and airplanes all day. 
wasting:: no time and money on baby food. blakie is on full-on adult meals!
sewing:: labels on school uniforms.
wishing:: for cooler weather to bring out my soft and slouchy sweaters.
enjoying:: the freedom of having an independent kid.
waiting:: for this evening to spend time with the hubby.
liking:: swimsuit coverups and wondering if i can get away with wearing them everywhere.
wondering:: if we should really work on changing blake from a leftie to a rightie.
loving:: daniel. and probably will be doing that for a long while.
hoping:: for more time to sit and work on my crafts again.
marveling:: at how one day can change everything.
needing:: a back rub.
smelling:: thieves essential oil. we've been working on blake's immune system before school begins.
wearing:: my mom-uniform. comfy top, the shortest of shorts and flipflops.
following:: the whole succulent and terrarium trend. 
noticing:: how my son's eyes light up when he spots a candle. such joy.
knowing:: that japan would never feel the same again. 
thinking:: "hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extrodinary destiny" - c.s. lewis
bookmarking:: ideas for scandi-inspired homes.
opening:: can't get past this without thinking of bub's song of the moment. "love is an OPEN DOOOOR!!" thank you, frozen.
giggling:: at the conversations we have with blake. its the funniest thing. 
feeling:: contentment.

sending love your way!! 



  1. Sorry to hear that you guys are experiencing some tough things... Hope all looks towards the bright side very soon.

    Also great list of great things!

    1. thanks hon! :) time fixes all things, doesn't it?

  2. For what it's worth, it's RAINING now :) one off the list today

    1. heh! thanks babe!! i saw your message the day of and lol-ed!

  3. Ooh don't change b to a rightie!! Lefties are very special!! Ps: I rub thieves of bubba too and I just wish it had a better smell! Chin up Hun!! Still a lot of good in this world! xx

    1. they are! :) daniel is a leftie too... and he came up with that idea!!

      it reminds me of herbal bak kut teh! :) and tastes worse!!

  4. i am a leftie too!! You could try but my dad says that he gave up when all my alphabets were the mirror-image of what it should be.

    Hope things get better! Go smell more flowers.
    p.s cookie tea?


    1. heh! thinking to do it because most sports are favorable towards righties! and since im a rightie, it would be easier for me to help him with writing when the time comes... maybe overthinking it! ~:)

      cookie is amazeballs! its from lupicia and you can find it at great world city, singapore!

  5. Looking at the positives is the best exercise to handling the hard stuff, and you always have a sunny outlook Zhingy! My prayers are with you during the tough times and the laughs. Love to you all!


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