Friday, April 4, 2014

happy friday friends!

im sitting here in our darkened room watching the little people take a snooze. which by the way is the sweetest thing. the minute blake dozes off, muu comes out of his snugly corner and spoons blake. its all the cuteness i need in life.... sitting cross legged in front of my screen with my tea of the moment... rather aptly named "happiness" and catching up on some online reads! 

we have a sweet birthday party this weekend, a swim date and a weekend market to check out. maybe pick out some flowers or sneak in a foot rub some time!! all very simple things very super excited to spend some time with people we love. 

 {from pinterest}

hope you have a beautiful weekend too! 



  1. Muu knows it's safe when Blakie sleeps! :) I love that tea too and like to give it to people with a "nah! have some happiness!"

  2. I'm waiting for Maki to be friends with Baby!

    1. if you asked muu frankly, i don't think he'd consider blakie a friend! :) just someone he has to deal with everyday! lol


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