Thursday, April 3, 2014

a good kinda mess ...

in the busy city that we call home, things move so fast you often find yourself breathless and rushing through the day. it's not entirely his fault but i find that having an impatient and active kid makes things a lot more quick-paced. im guilty of scoffing down my meal at supersonic speed or running for the cab with stroller and kiddo in my arms so i can make it in time for the next thingy ...

i seldom have the luxury of time to sit around, chit chat and sip tea. and when i do, im so frantic to have THE TIME OF MY LIFE that i often get carried away and exhausted! please tell me im not alone!!!

so last week, it was my precious girlfriend's birthday and i suggested taking her out for a nice afternoon out. she wanted to do something, an artsy or craft related thing... maybe a class. and before we knew it, it was too late to get something fabulous organized. so she suggested going to pick up flowers and put together something! :) seriously LOOK AT MY GRIN! :) 

we spent HOURS. and i mean hours walking through nurseries, picking up different flowers to mix and match... changing our minds, changing our theme. i used to do that a lot at work. but it was always a run and grab situation with a cab running it's meter outside the nursery. so this was a very welcomed change. at some point, we did consider if we were taking "too long". but it was such a beautiful experience! 

we got home... made a mess of my dining table and my home smelt like a freakin' awesome candle!! i guess some people run, bake or work in the yard. but this is my thing! i didn't even care that my arrangement wasn't quite perfect ...

but the MOST fun i've had in ages...

*huge sigh* 

so happy birthday, ellie! love you a bazillion time more than flowers... and for my sanity, we're gonna have to do it again soon, babe! 



  1. Happy birthday Ellie. Nice flower arrangement.

    Yeap, when I have some preciois me-time or outing with my friends, I really go to the extreme and enjoy myself. No guilt! ;)

    1. thanks hon! :) and life's too short for guilt eh!?

  2. how is this arrangement not perfect? it TOTALLY is!

    nice days off with girlfriends are so precious. I recently visited the museum with my best friend, it was such a wonderful use of my half-day off!

    1. awww thanks hon! :) only half day!? you need to apply for more leave! ;P


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