Tuesday, March 11, 2014

three years ago...

it's been three years since the earthquake that shook up our whirlwind start of our life in japan. we had never thought about earthquakes nor been involved in any sort of disaster prior and the weeks to come left us a little shellshocked. 

we didn't talk much about it back then. but the supermarket shelves were deadly empty, visitors we expected started cancelling their trips and we were allowed to buy only one bottle of water each day (which we squirrelled away in our "go stash"). we kept an emergency stash of food in our home, we had our passports and raincoats and a print out of bicycle directions to our nearest airport at our doorstep. our friends started sending boxes of food from home. it sounds crazy just writing about it now but back then... it was all very real. 

till today, there's still talk about radiation. some people still homeless and fearful of another tsunami. and a general sense of heartache and gloom when we think about this day three years ago. and while our lives have changed so much, our heart still belongs to japan.

keeping you in our prayers today, japan. 



  1. reading about it from you makes me remember how eerily scary it all was. no people in the streets, people clamoring for food in the markets, and us taping our windows! (and all along I thought you guys were playing it cool! :P ) we were all very lucky~

    1. hahaha we never taped our damn windows! but the streets were deadly quiet!! i didn't want to be the only one FREAKIN out!!


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